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​Technology ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Purchasing

The Technology department developes the technical standards, and assists schools and departments with the purchase of technology items.  Technology standards are reviewed on a regulars cycle to ensure they meet the needs of classrooms, business and overal District needs.  To review the current technical standards please visit here.

Purchasing Standards and Instructions

​Click on the links below for Technology Purchasing standards, product pricing and procedures.
If you have questions please visit the TIS Purchasing FAQ page, email TIS, submit a Life Ring with your questions or call the Help Desk at 503-399-5555.



If you are going to mount the projector to the ceiling you need to submit a work order with Facilities to get the installation completed.

Document Camera


Interactive Whiteboard

SMART Boards

Useful information:  Are you going to mount the board to the wall?  You need to submit a Facilities Improvement and Large Moves (FILM) form for this request.


​I Would Like To Buy...

Headsets for Testing

Califone 3068AV Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones  have received the most positive feedback from schools that have used them. These headsets are available with and without microphones, and the ones with microphones are more expensive than those without microphones.  If your school needs to order headsets you may wish to order these from the School Outfitters website.  However, you can still order headsets from other sites if you wish.  If ordering headsets with a Procard, please fill a Procard approval form before purchasing, and send the form to

[Click here for the QAM Procard Approval Form]